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Stuck at home during quarantine has been so hard!

How many times have you found yourself scrambling through your pantry looking for something to snack on?

Seems like treats promise to ease the boredom, right?

You may think it’s an innocent habit, but then there’s science…

Did you know that irregular meal timing can negatively impact your blood sugar, blood pressure and cause to gain weight???

The problem is that foods that are high in sugar are addictive.

The more we eat them, the more we desire them.

Cravings are untamable; sugar addiction is real!

If you want the break the cycle of cravings and shame you must keep on reading… 

Let me show you a simple solution to this problem.

One way to prevent this, is planning and preparing nutritious meals and snacks.

This is key for breaking the sugar craving roller coaster

Being stuck at home can present some unique challenges when it comes to maintaining optimal nutrition.  Let’s be honest – it’s hard to argue with the convenience of food delivery apps, but keep in mind that restaurants tend to serve oversized portions and prepare meals with excessive calories.

Frequently eating food prepared at restaurants can keep us addicted to sugar and cause us to gain even more weight. Here’s an alternative to think about; eating home prepared meals gives you the benefit of having more control over the ingredients and cooking methods used to prepare the food you eat. 

Take it from a nutritionist, small practical changes will add up to big results! 

Here’s ONE thing you can start doing to help you gain control of your body TODAY !


Planning ahead and practicing intentional eating can help ensure that you get back on track with your health goals.

If you want to be successful, meal plan in advance to make sure the food you eat is healthy and balanced. 

Try eating your meals and snacks around the same time each day. 

Stick to a regular eating schedule. This applies to weekends, too!

Here are some types of foods you should include in a balanced meal plan:

Whole fruits: fresh or frozen, berries are optimal

Non-starchy vegetables: green, red, orange veggies and all lettuces

Starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes, green peas winter squash

Grains: rolled oats, brown rice, cereals

Protein: lean meats, turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, 

Fats: nuts & seeds, nut butters, and healthy cooking oils

Do the one thing and start planning ahead today!

In Health & Wholeness,

Georgina Fourzan

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