Georgina Fourzan
Georgina Fourzan - ISSA Certified Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Health and Nutrition Solutions was founded by Georgina Fourzan in 2009. 

She holds a certification by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Georgina is also part of the National Physique Committee. For the past decade she has been a top 10 National level figure competitor. As a Nutrition Specialist and athlete, she knows that it takes more than exercising to live in a healthy body.

She believes that balanced nutrition is the foundation for wellness and a healthy body composition.

She is a teacher and advocate for transformation of body and soul.

Like so many people, Georgina shares that, she also has an incredibly complex relationship with food which she overcomes daily. 

It has been through continually renewing her mind that she was able to transform and change her behavior patterns toward food.

Her expertise in sports and fitness nutrition offers practical food education to individuals who desire to have a body that performs well during exercise and daily tasks.

She serves as the Women’s Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery at East Gate Church, in Albuquerque New Mexico. 

She applies the transformational life coaching skills found in the 12-Step program to help people get to the core of their behavior toward food.

She is also a preacher and motivational speaker.


Health & Nutrition believes that food is nourishment, not a coping mechanism. 

Food is not the problem; the dieting mindset is.

Having a healthy relationship with food is integral for success.

Our core belief is that physical, mental, and emotional health is above everything. 

Without good personal health, we can’t live the best lives we were designed to live. 

If we are dealing with physical issues like exhaustion, irritability and mood swings due to sugar addiction, or dealing with physical pain, we can’t live abundantly. 

It’s that simple.

Health is the foundation of everything.

Nutritionist Near Me

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 

1 Corinthians 10:31

The Connection Between a Nutritionist and a Healthcare Professional

A nutritionist’s job is to support and partner with doctors who are treating patients with illness and disease and bring about habit change in order to address lifestyle challenges such as disordered relationships with food and body image issues.

Health & Nutrition Solutions offers support and accountability.

HNS helps people who are dealing with illness to follow through an outlined process to achieve results.

HNS also shows patients HOW-TO overcome sugar addiction and binge eating.

With the right support and accountability, it becomes possible to follow doctor’s advice so this dysfunctional eating cycle can break.

Services and Community

Health & Nutrition Solutions also gives back to the community by facilitating workshops and cooking demonstrations to educate attendees regarding the importance of a healthy nutrition lifestyle.

Health & Nutrition Solutions offers both in office and virtual consultations. Different consultation packages are available upon request.